INTRODUCTION – Hungarian Electrotechnical Association Electric Power Society 

The main task of the Society is to harmonize the participants involved in the electric power industry, such as suppliers, network licence holders, distributors, manufacturers, enterpreneurs and residents. Our Society possesses a strong, national network system in the industry since the beginning of its existence, 2003.


Keeping sustainability values in view we take on educational and advisory tasks. The ones, who participate in our professional study trips and conferences, will be able to renew their knowledge and get an inside view of today’s and tomorrow’s technical solutions. Beside organising our conferences, we frequently help well-known international associations to organise theirs as well.


Being a scientific and professional organisation, promoting the tradition and  improving the practical and theoretical science of the power industry have priority during our activities. In the interest of the above mentioned goals we elaborate recommendations to improve the professional and legal arrangements regarding the electric power industry and we take part in preparing governmental, economical and professional decisions.


We follow the works and constructive technical activities of researchers and professionals that are leaders in innovative developments. The newest, remarkable results are published on our homepage.

Participating in the improvement of the national energy efficiency and introducing of new technologies are important for us, regarding environmental aspects.


We aim at having the segments of the electric industry work harmonized, having the information flow among the manufacturers, contractors and network distributors in the shortest time possible.

Furthermore, we actively take part in the network-building of our members, considering and using the advantages of being an EU-associate. Upon request we give expert opinion and we collaborate as an expert in industrial issues .


Our branches


E-mobility Branch
The branch aims to have the information about electric cars widely spread and wishes to popularize the technology in Hungary. It takes part in the establishment of the related infrastructure with advising and tracing down collaborating partners.
Renewable Energy Branch
The name of the branch is the is the mission of this branch. The goal here is to get the renewable energies be as widely known and accessible as possible amongst the residents and the professionals as well.  It gives up-to-date information about the newest features, innovative solutions and organises informing presentations.
Energy Efficiency Branch
One of the most important task of our time is to reduce energy consumption as much as possible. It is a common interest of the factories and  the resident consumers as well. This branch recommends different solutions to the efficient and economical use of energy and gives assistance to the implementation for the consumers by involving energy advisor companies. It also provides them with forums to spread energy-conscious solutions.
We believe that electricians can be the ambassadors of sustainability and environmental-conscious thinking.  They are the ones, that are in contact with the resident consumers and give advice on energy-efficiency regarding environmental protection. Learning the most modern techniques and regularly deepening their knowledge they are able to build more and more energy-efficient and eco-friendly systems. They help realizing the importance of the process of handling and recycling of the electrotechnical wastes. On behalf of sustainability we wish to represent a determinant, opinion-forming role in our industry.
Electrician Branch
Joins 4500 electricians who perform activities connected with creating electric meter points. Gives professional support and coordinates between the licence holders and the registered electricians. Arranges and edits educational and exam materials. Coordinates the registration process.
Live-Line Working (LLW) Branch

The aim of the branch is to have high qualitiy and safe live-line working play a significant role during the every-day electrician  work. For this reason it organises trainings and regularly provides  the involved ones with information. The LLW Branch cooperates with the manufacturers, vendors and training institutes to be able to coordinate the testings of the tools.